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Thank you for sharing Presearch!

In addition to my wife and my health issues, she is vaccine injured. We can’t search on specific supplements or gene mutations on Google at all without propaganda.

Duck Duck Go is a little better but I have to create a custom search the omits WebMD, John Hopkins and the likes as they always are on the first two pages of hits. DDG’s recent censorship act has left me without a search engine I can support.

I am hopeful Presearch will provide better results.

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Thank you. Meryl Nass, MD did a stack I think yesterday on ways Google is censoring without appearing to censor. Worth the read. And thank you about Presearch and all the work you're doing. https://merylnass.substack.com/

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Hi, unfortunately I experienced the same filtered results as always when I tried presearch and I don’t remember now what exact search phrase I used, but it included the word Covid.

I think it was something to the effect of “Covid vaccine negative effects” and I still got typical top results being Mayo Clinic, CDC, Johns Hopkins, etc.

I just went to presearch.org and searched from there. From the other comments I’m wondering if I was supposed to do something else?

-Peace and blessings, especially in Christ Jesus.

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Seriously ... we need a search engine like the OLD google ...

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Hi Chris, I actually changed to the Brave browser recently after reading an article. But, it looks like in item #3 above, you're saying that we use Presearch along with Brave on a computer? (I did put the app on my phone.) For the tech illiterate like me, could you please help with the guide to do that as you suggested? Thanks!

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